What Makes Melco Special?

What makes Melco special?

Melco Syncrets Inc is part of the Melco Holding Inc Umbrella, which owns many different companies in Japan. One of the biggest parts of Melco Holdings is Buffalo Technology, a massive IT company in Japan and operating throughout Asia and America.Buffalo Technology has been at the forefront of IT technology since the 1980s and has pioneered many technologies:


January 1999  – First wireless router 
December 2002  – First draft-11g Wi-Fi products shipped
November 2003  – First NAS appliance
January 2005  – First RAID NAS appliance
April 2006  – First draft-11n Wi-Fi products shipped
November 2009  – First USB 3.0 storage
January 2012  – First draft-11ac Wi-Fi solution demonstrated at CES
May 2012  – First draft-11ac Wi-Fi products shipped
June 2012  – First thunderbolt + USB 3.0 hybrid device

May 2013  – First DDR memory buffer DAS driveLet’s not forget that Buffalo also invented the print buffer, which started the name BuffaloTechnology.


Why is this important?
This is important because Melco is surrounded by hundreds of engineers who instinctively knowhow to make great IT devices. This means Melco knows that IT is bad for audio reproduction: IT demands very quick speeds to handle documents, files, folders and photos etc. many of which are large. Audio data is not big. It does not need to be handled quickly, but it does need to be handled correctly and this is why Melco pays extra attention to:
  •  Chips – Melco does not use INTEL chips.
  •  Drives – Melco only uses specially selected, listened-to drives in all of its products.Drives that consumers cannot simply purchase off-the-shelf.
  • Firmware and software – Melco owns all of its firmware and software and doesn’t use third parties, meaning Melco controls how its product’s components interact to produce high-quality sound reproduction.
  •  SongKong – Melco is proud to be the only audio company that works with SongKong, a very powerful Metadata editing service which is available with EX Series Melco libraries
  • MinimServer – The uPnP server is important in any music library audio system and Melco is very lucky to be able to work with MinimServer, arguably the best-sounding uPnP server available.
  • Product build and design – Melco products are inherently Japanese in the design and build. They are built from (very) high-quality materials in Japan, plus they are built to be easy to use and work with.Melco continues to study the audio market to keep improving its products and provide its customers with the very best sound possible from CD collections, Qobuz and Hi Res downloads, plus Tidal and Qobuz streaming subscriptions. Melco also has access as a Roon End point, so really does fit in with any digital system whether using a PC, network music player/ streamer, DAC or multi-room system. Lastly, Melco works with the very best retailers in its worldwide territories – meaning Melco customers get the best help and support.
Put simply, nothing is made quite like a Melco music library, you can trust your music with us.
Enjoy the music!

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