Melco C100 Ethernet Cable and packaging

New low-noise Melco C100 Ethernet cable launches

The new Melco C100 Ethernet cable is an advanced interconnect featuring a number of noise-reducing design properties, priced at launch from just £125 (EUR 149) for a 1 m length.

The new Melco C100 Ethernet cable directly replaces our debut Ethernet cable, the C1AE, and introduces a number of upgrades to reduce noise and improve networked audio sound quality.

The Melco C100 Ethernet cable benefits from asymmetric drain wire grounding, where one end of the cable features a ground point.

Unwanted noise, either external or from connected devices, travels in one direction to the ground end, (indicated by a Melco logo on the connector plug), not interfering with delicate signal transmission.

The opposite (non-grounded) end of the cable features an innovative ‘floating’ shield, which is not attached to the connector plug, meaning unwanted noise cannot transfer to connected audio devices downstream.

Further benefits include gold-plated connectors, a smooth cable outer to avoid tangling, plus a double shield for additional protection. The C100’s conductor thickness is also improved over its predecessor.

The Melco C100 Ethernet cable is a wide bandwidth design rated at 600 MHz, 6x the speed of CAT 5e and 2.4x that of CAT 6. Lengths include: 1 m, 2 m, 3 m, 5 m and 10 m.

Find out more about the Melco C100 Ethernet cable here.

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