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Best Buy award for the N50-H60 from the-

The recently launched Melco N50-H60 digital music library has won a Best Buy award from the experts at

Announced in September 2022, the new full-width N50-H60 HDD model offers a sizeable 6 TB audiophile-grade drive.

It also offers key performance upgrades over Melco’s most affordable music library, the half-width N100.

In its January 2023 review, concluded: ‘With the N50-H60, Melco has cemented its position as the manufacturer of the best-sounding server for sensible money.’

You can read the expert review online here.

About the N50-H60

Handcrafted in Japan, the high-capacity N50-H60 enjoys the classic aesthetics of Melco’s full-width predecessor, the N1A.

It also offers wide-ranging internal upgrades to power supplies, circuity and drive unit performance.

The N50-H60 retains the 1.7 mm-thick chassis, IEC power inlet and noise filter and timeless Melco appearance.

Key to the performance of the new N50-H60 is an enhanced main circuit board with a specially selected, generous capacity 6 TB HDD drive.

This is coupled to a brand new rigid HDD mounter carefully floated inside the chassis for greater isolation.

The new model also adds a new dynamic PSU with 25 % more output, plus re-engineered isolation feet for additional protection from unwanted vibration.  

Find out more about the N50-H60 here or why not arrange a demo via your local Melco dealer? Dealer locator here.

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