The Melco C1AE1 Ethernet cable provides the very best quality cabling solution for Melco libraries and other Ethernet-enabled devices. 

The C1AE1 has been carefully tested and matched with Melco libraries to ensure no loss of quality.

  • Wide bandwidth Category 7 construction for low jitter
  • Precision 100 ohm balanced twisted-data conductors
  • Precision 100 ohm-accurate and rigid mechanical alignment connectors. Ensures stable performance without the possibility of mechanical misalignment. Unbreakable latch for precise alignment.
  • Individual screening of each data pair 
  • Overall screening 
  • Advanced materials for optimum long-term performance 
  • Gold-plated data connectors and shield
  • Wide bandwidth, low-jitter design: CAT 7, 600 MHz
  • The C1AE has a wideband transmission speed, 6 times that of CAT 5e, 2.4 times of CAT 6

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