External USB Hard Disk Drive



E100 embeds carefully selected 3TB HDD.

The drive is supported using with MELCO Highly Stable Storage System (HS-S2) same as N1ZS/2A.

MELCO branded circuit board is optimized from audiophile point of view to promise the highest quality transport.

The drive can be turned off  with the dedicated power switch.

  • The case is designed using the same concept as most recent MELCO music library products.
  • 2 mm thick under chassis supports the whole case with great rigidity.
  • Beautifully designed thick aluminum case is half size of N1A and fits most of desktop USB-DACs.
  • 3.6kg (almost 3.6x  that of similar IT drives)
  • MELCO Highly Stable Storage System holds whole drive with our dedicated technology.
  • Dedicated PCB holds capacitors for power supply and quality clock generator for better signal transmission.
  • TO HOST USB type B port is for N1 or PC to read the disk data.
  • TO DEVICE USB type A port is for USB-DAC playback with N1 USB Local playback function.
  • HDD is formatted with exFAT. Reformat is available with Windows /  Mac PC. 


1 x selected 3TB HDD mounted with Melco HS-S2

USB ports
USB 3.0 Type A x 1 “TO DEVICE”,
USB 3.0 Type B x 1 “TO HOST”

Compatible equipment
Melco N1, N10 and N100 series.
Windows 10 PC. Mac High Seria OS

Power supply
DC 12v (48W AC adapter)

Size 215 x 61 x 269mm (W H L)
Weight 3.6kg

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