Your frequently asked questions, answered. 

If you use Android device, Bubble UPnP or mConnect Player supports TIDAL. If you use iPad, MELCO music HD app supports TIDAL. If you use roon, roon also supports TIDAL.

 Please try any of below to solve these problems.
・Find “Windows Credentials” on ◎(Cortana) task bar => click”Add a Windows credential”

=>Address:\\(friendly name)

User name:nobody

・SETTINGS =>Network & Internet =>Wi-Fi or Ethernet =>Allow your PC to be discoverable =>ON
・System => Apps & features=> Programs & features =>”View installed updates” =>Select line with code “KB3189866” in it =>Uninstall

Browsing and selecting music, as well as the player transport functions, are accessed by a UPnP Control Point. When a USB DAC is connected to the Melco, after initiation, the Melco will advertise as a UPnP Renderer on the network. Any UPnP control point can see the player therefore and will allow searching and control. Depending on the capabilities of the control point – there are two possible modes of control. Control is set on the Melco (Settings – USB-DAC – Controller – Mode0 or Mode1 or HYBRID).

Mode 0 Apps (UPnP)



mConnect Player


Mode 1 Apps (OpenHome)
Bubble UPnP


Other App may work. Those above are MELCO checked to work with Music Library Local USB Player function.


– Hybrid mode allows the Melco to automatically select Mode 0 or Mode 1 according to the App that is trying to connect – making the

whole experience much simpler.

– Mode 0 locates the playlist on the App device itself (meaning if the app loses comms the player stops).

– Mode 1 locates the Playlist on the Melco (This means that the playlist is maintained even if the App should lose comms on the  network). When playing through USB, the Melco will display the track information and sample rate on the front OLED display.

We recommend self powered USB storage.              

For CD-Import
After updating a Melco Music Library to V3.00 FW or later the Melco Direct CD Import function is active. We recommend the following

Blu Ray CD drive which is supplied with connecting cable and external power supply. It requires NO setup to use with Melco.


Buffalo MediaStation Blu-Ray Drive

 A digital music library is a product where you can store and serve all of your digital music, from streaming services to downloads to your ripped CD collection.

We pride ourselves in being traditionally Japanese, which means great build quality and brilliant reliability.  We are part of Buffalo Technology which for those who don’t know is a massive IT company, especially in Asia and US.  So, everything we have learnt about IT is the opposite to what our digital music collections deserve. 

A Melco Music Library is the beginning source in the product chain.  From here customers have a choice in going down a streamer/network renderer or DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter).  And the great thing is we work with many, many great audio brands on available on the market.

Go and see your local, friendly Melco retailer: Find a Retailer – Melco Audio ( and they will show you the best systems for your budget.

Please speak to your friendly local Melco retailer and see what Melco products can add to your streaming system.

ou can use MELCO without Internet or Wi-Fi, but you can use MELCO widely if it is connected to network. For example, if MELCO is connected to Wi-Fi, you can use control App. If connected to Internet, you can always apply the latest system software easily or meta data can be included in case you import CD

Great question, this all depends on the storage the Melco has first and foremost but also the quality you are storing your music in I,e (FLAC or WAV).  But generally, a Melco N100 with 2TB of HDD storage will hold around 3,200 standard length CD’s, meaning our higher capacity 5TB HDD machine can store around 8,000 standard length CD’s. (That’s a lot of music.)

This is a little more tricky to answer as it very much depends on the resolution and type of music you are wanting to store and on what Melco product.  But you shouldn’t worry too much as you can always purchase more music and store it with an E100 Expansion drive.

Yes you can!  Melco’s will accept a USB hard drive that you can connect via the expansion port of the N1 series or can specify as an Expansion drive using the USB ports on the N100/N10.  We also have an Expansion drive of our own, the E100.  This provides an extra 3TB HDD capacity and can be expanded further.

There are a few ways of being able to import your current music collection onto a Melco.  If you own many CD’s you can use a Melco D100 to rip them to the Melco in bit perfect quality.  If you have music stored on a NAS (network attached Storage) device you import by connecting to one of the Melco’s USB ports or transfer over your local network.

 Our highly recommended way to receive the very best sound quality is to use a Melco D100 to rip your CD collection.  Other optical USB drives do also work including Apple Superdrive, Buffalo Optical Disc Drives.

We have many excellent Melco retailers in many countries around the world who provide excellent customer in service in installing and setting up your Melco product.

We are confident that any Melco product within our range will provide you with the best digital audio sound reproduction. Our product line up currently starts with the Melco N100 2TB HDD Music Library.  It is a fantastic entry point into digital music storage and playback.  This also depends on the rest of the customers system and what products match well.  Your Melco retailer will be able to advise you on this.

Fundamentally, all Melco products provide the same features.  What improves is the components used, chassis’, power supplies, isolation and type of HDD/SSD as you move up the range, bringing even better sound qualities.

A HDD (Hard Disk Drive) has moving parts within them.  An SSD (Solid State Drive) does not have these mechanical moving parts.  So an SSD machine is the way to go?  Not necessarily.  We believe if HDD is produced properly within a Melco set up it will still sound better than an IT grade SSD.  SSD is becoming more and more popular and we work very hard to make sure our SSD products perform brilliantly.  Take peace of mind that we hand pick every HDD and SSD drive that we use and we work with the very best components to provide the best quality.

Simply put, YES.  If you have a Mark 1 or Mark 2 Melco with Firmware 3.93 or below, to have access to the very latest firmware we do have a cost upgrade available.  This is music we have integrated Melco Intelligent Music Library into Firmware 4.01 and above.  This includes integration of SongKong (Metadata editor) , MinimServer (uPnP server) and access to Internet Radio (if using Melco HD app on iPad).  We believe integrating these brilliant features will give our customers highly detailed Metadata and a fantastic browse and playback environment.  Your local Melco retailer will have more information on this.

We recommend using Melco approved drives that were hand picked specifically for that product if a change of HDD/SSD drive is necessary.  The drives are a key part of working within the Melco architecture in each product.  By removing/changing the drive will not only void any Melco warranty, but we cannot guarantee the sound quality of another drive.

Do you use Roon?  If you DO, we recommend that all products are connected to the 1GB ports (Ports 5-8) of the S100 (to include the ethernet from the router).  If you DO NOT use Roon, for best sound quality we recommend connecting your products to the 100mb ports (ports 1-4) of the S100 (to include the ethernet from the router).

You can visit our compatibility chart: Compatible Products – Melco Audio (

But my DAC isn’t on the list!?  We try and test as many DAC’s as we can but there are hundreds that we can’t.  Please check that the DAC you are considering conforms to USB Audio Class parameters and does not MAC drivers.  Your local HiFi Retailer will be able to help.

Please check all cables are properly connected, especially the USB cable.  If all connections are fine please remove USB cable from the Melco and wait for the USB icon to turn off, remove the Ethernet cable in the LAN port on the back of the Melco and wait for the ‘L’ icon to turn off.  Now restart your control device (iPad, Phone etc etc) and once rebooted double check the Melco is on the same network as your control device.  Re attach the ethernet cable into the LAN port and wait for the ‘L’ icon to turn solid white and an IP address to reappear on the OLED screen.  Then re attach the USB cable and wait for the USB icon to appear on the Melco OLED screen.  Now restart your control point app.

EX series is a fantastic suite of products brought together into the Melco infrastructure to provide brilliant Metadata editing (SongKong) and superb search and playback (MinimServer).  It also incorporates access to internet radio (if used with the Melco HD app for iPad).  EX series was introduced as a 4.01 (and above) Firmware update and the good news is, all Melco products can have access to it.  For those that with an N1A, N1ZH or N1ZS machine that was bought before the availability of Firmware 4.01 this will require a one off cost upgrade (please speak to your local Melco retailer for more information).  For customers who own an N100 or N10 product this update can applied as an over the air update.

This may also present itself on some machines as Hybrid Mode, uPnP/DLNA compatible mode (Mode 0) and Playlist Mode (mode 1).  Some Apps are designed to work on uPnP/DLNA (Mode 0), for example: Melco Music HD app, Bubble uPnP and MConnect.  Others are designed to work on OpenHome for example: Bubble uPnP and Linn Kazoo.  If you use the same app all the time, you can select the playback mode for the architecture that app was built for.  If you like to use many different apps or not sure whether your app was designed for uPnP/DLNA or Open Home playback, we offer the Hybrid Mode solution which will be open for all apps to discover.

We currently support Tidal, Qobuz, Qobuz Downloader, High Res Audio Downloader and Internet Radio.  But we are always keeping an eye on market trends.


If you have any inquiries please feel free to contact the shop where you purchased MELCO for support or leave us a message by filling the blanks below which we will be very delighted to assist.