Heritage products

Legacy range

Melco digital music libraries and accessories are painstakingly hand-crafted in Japan to provide years of enjoyment.

As part of Melco’s commitment to its customers, the company offers full factory support to owners of legacy devices via its distribution network.

Recently superseded Melco models can be found below.

Legacy music libraries

Previously available music storage and playback solutions


The original full-width HDD library

Melco N1A digital music library front facing
4TB and 6TB HDD


Previous mid-size flagships 

Melco N1Z digital music library front facing
4TB ssd and 5tb hdd

N10/2 45th Anniversary

Limited edition anniversary model  

Melco N10 digital music library front facing 45th anniversary champagne edition

Legacy accessories

Previously available complementary devices for Melco libraries


Entry-level data switch

Melco S100 data switch front facing


Audiophile expansion drive


Ethernet cable

Melco C1AE ethernet cable side facing