A special anniversary limited run of 50 for Europe

N10 45th Anniversary Edition


Only 50 of the N10/2 45th Anniversary Edition digital music library were made, making them not only very special, but something of a collector’s item. Based around the flagship two-box N10/2 with its separate linear power supply, the 45th Anniversary Edition was distinct due to its beautiful champagne gold finish.

With a specification that mirrored the standard N10/2 models, the special commemorative model also sold with a special collector’s pack comprising a number of Melco-brand goods and a certificate of ownership.

Although the 45th Anniversary Edition’s 50 units are now all sold, the same market-leading specification and performance is available in the current N10/2, available in black or silver.

  • Half-width design benefitting from an external power supply for improved sound quality
  • The ‘head’ unit has both newly designed internal electronics hardware and new operating software, with an improved PCB
  • Solid aluminium casework in a special finish for freedom from vibration
  • Complex and rigid vibration-reducing internal chassis
  • Crystal-clear easy-read low-noise OLED display 
  • 2x rear USB 2.0 ports for easy backup/expansion and USB DAC connectivity
  • Dedicated Player and LAN ports for improved sound quality


Music storage
1 x 2.5 inch selected HDD 3TB on Melco HS-S2 isolation platform

Network connectivity
LAN Port-Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T),
PLAYER port,
Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T),
DHCP server in isolated mode

USB connectivity
USB 2.0 Front panel x 1
USB  2.0 Rear panel x 2
Assignable as DAC, backup, import, expansion

USB Player sample rate support
16-32 bit (PCM) to 384kHz:- auto downsample to suit connected DAC.
Gapless PCM supported.
1 bit (DSD) to 11.3MHz Quad DSD.
Markerless DSD supported.
DSD to 32bit PCM conversion selectable
Gapless DSD supported.
OLED displays player sample rate.

Power supply
Pre-set 220-240V AC or 110-120V AC dependant on market.
Low-noise, linear power supply

Size 215 x 61 x 269mm (W H L)
Weight head unit Approx 3.5kg
Weight power supply Approx 5.0kg 

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