The Melco range

Whatever the need or budget, there’s a Melco music library to suit. From the entry-level N100, to the ultimate-performance flagship N1, Melco has a solution for high-quality music storage, playback and discovery in the home. 

In addition to the range of libraries, Melco’s accessories include optical drives for CD ‘ripping’, plus low-noise data switches for even greater sound quality. There’s even high-quality Melco Ethernet cabling for the optimum network connection.

Digital music libraries

Music storage and playback solutions


Reference digital music library

Melco N1 digital music library front facing in grey
Specially selected 3.84 TB SSD drive


A two-box design with an external PSU

Melco N10 digital music library front facing
Available in 5tb HDD or 3.84TB SSD


Full-width design, HDD or SSD drive option

Melco N50 digital music library front facing
Available in 6TB HDD or 3.84TB SSD


The award-winning entry-level library

Melco N100 digital music library front facing
Available in 2TB and 5TB HDD

Audiophile switches

Connecting your network audio devices


Flagship data switch


Data Switch for the Home

Melco S100 data switch front facing


Complementary devices for Melco libraries


Optical drive/CD ripper


Ethernet cable

Melco C100 ethernet cable side view