entry-level AUDIOphile data switch



Melco’s original S100 data switch is widely credited as the original ‘audiophile’ data switch.

Compared to ordinary IT data switches, the S100 offered extraordinary audio performance with low noise and unique, audio-specific architecture.

With separate ‘slow’ 100 Mb RJ45 ports for the best audio quality, the S100 sought to keep bandwidth-hungry AV devices away from delicate audio signals, something echoed even further in the new S100/2.

  • Two SFP ports for compatible optical fibre components such as Lumin 
  • 1.5MB buffer capability for stable and reliable data
  • Audiophile power supply implementation with a bank of audio-grade capacitors to ensure the lowest noise.
  • Power supplies are external to the switch, giving good isolation and allowing for future upgrades
  • Mechanical stability contributes to system performance:  the S100 is built on a rigid steel chassis



4 x 100 Mb/E RJ45
4 x 1000 Mb/E RJ45
2 x fibre SFP/LC

12 V 1 amp 5.7 mm coax

Size 215 x 61 x 269 mm (W H L)
Weight 2.5 kg

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