AUDIOfile dataswitch



The Melco S100 is quite an unusual architecture compared to an IT dataswitch. There are four 100Mb RJ45 ports – these provide the best audio quality. There are four 1Gb ports – these are ideal for PC connectivity, and are ideal for the Roon Core processor which generates high traffic flow.

  • Two additional SFP ports allow for the connection of optical fibre for components such as Lumin that support it.
  • The key to creating a stable and resilient data stream for extreme Hi-Res streaming is the Packet Buffer and S100 has 1.5MB of buffer capability to deal with erratic external connectivity.
  • Audiophile techniques are used in the power supply implementation with a bank of audio-grade capacitors to ensure the lowest noise environment. Power supplies are external to the S100 giving good isolation and allowing for future upgrade to external linear power supplies.
  • Mechanical stability contributes to system performance and the S100 is built on a rigid steel chassis with total screening provided by the totally metal enclosure which matches Melco Audiophile NAS components



4 x 100Mb/E RJ45
4 x 1000Mb/E RJ45
2 x Fibre SFP/LC

12V 1 amp 5.7mm coax

Size 215 x 61 x 269mm (W H L)
Weight 2.5kG

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